Being in a forign country can be overwhelming, and having a support infastructure can be an extremly helpful in making the expierience less immense. Below are links to all the Embassies present in Ottawa, as well as several community centers in the downtown area.

Embasies  in Ottawa

               Services Offered:
               This website lists and links-to all of the Diplomatic Missions and
                Embasies in Ottawa

                From an embassy or Mission, you would be able to contact your
                home country, request documentation, and initiate immigration

Community Information Center of Ottawa

                1910 St-Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON
                Call: 2-1-1 OR 613-241-INFO (4636)


                        This website is aimed at connecting those with community issues,                    such as finding English Language Courses, Locating an                                        interpretor who speaks your language, or getting connected to a                        financial or health aid service appropriate to your needs.

                NOTE: The address is for mail only and is not open to the public.
                For an in-person visit, please be sure to make an appointment