Use our handy online resource guide to find out how you can access vital services that support
people living with HIV/AIDS. Click on any of the buttons to the left of this page to find out about
places you can go to get help with any financial, health and well-being issues you may be facing.


+ Supports the successful community re-integration of individuals regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnicity who are faced with personal and social
ills, faith, living with HIV/AIDS, homelessness, addictions, family breakdown, trouble with
the law, poor health, unemployment and more.

+ Enhance the communication, co-operation and overall efficiency of the existing human
services providers by enabling greater resource and information sharing among agencies,
community organizations (groups such as the Ottawa Supportive Housing Network, the
Good Companions Centre, etc.) and concerned citizens working to support those who seek
to help themselves.

+ Identify new or underserved areas of need that require further development or additional